On Sunday, the Rynard Clan gathered at Nana’s for an Easter feast. It was a glorious buffet of Ham, Potatoes, Salad and I’ll stop there or else I’ll start to drool. The Grand-kids worked up quite an appetite after an intense soccer match took place at the nearby park.

The match featured some fresh faces as Robbie and Kathryn made their first appearances in the Rynard Sport League. It also had aging superstar Eric who was battling a bad back and forced to stay back as a goalie. The team of James, Leslie, Ryan and Nicolas got out to an early lead due to some poor goaltending on Eric’s part, but the veteran eventually settled down and made some keep stops. His team responded with Brad leading the way scoring 3 goals to bring the match to a 3-3 tie.

In overtime, both teams exchanged chances with the save of the game goes to Robbie reaching behind his back to grab a shot from Brad, pretty amazing for a guy who takes up 1/10th of the net. But in the end an unlikely hero emerged. Kathryn booted the ball high in the air and Cary began to charge. No defender could stop him as he ran right down the middle full speed and could have easily knocked over anyone else on the team. He gave a swift kick which caught Robbie the keeper off guard.

It was an eventful match and first of the season with many more expected to happen throughout the 2010 season.


The other week, the Allans invited the Sweet-Rynards for their annual Super Bowl party.  Almost everyone at the party went win the Saints in the predictions portion of the night.   In the end though, it was young Cary who won the pool picking the Saints by 11.  Cary continues to dominate the gambling world with his 2nd win in just 3 years of the annual party.   He also won the coin toss bet with Eric.  Cary was ecstatic, showing off his winnings in a manner that would make P.Diddy proud. He even got too excited at one point and needed to lie down to settle his tummy ache.

Of course the food must be mentioned whenever a conversation arises about a Super Bowl party.  This year, Madelaine made her famous chili and Michelle provided platter after platter of delicious nachos.  It truly was a feast that will be talked about for years to come.  Everyone left with stuffed bellies and at least 5 pounds heavier.

Another highlight of the night was when James spilled water over the floor and Tim got the opportunity to try out his new “Sham-Wow”.   

Wishing Aunt Carol a Happy Birthday!

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